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The 10 Best VR Multiplayer Games

Virtual reality games zijn leuk, maar wat is er nou leuker dan spelen met vrienden?! Met VR Multiplayer games kun je met vrienden of familie, of juist met wildvreemden, een hele leuke VR-ervaring hebben! In this blog we therefore list the most popular VR Multiplayer games. This way you can immediately see which games are fun to play with your friends!

Tip: To really enjoy a VR game, it is important that you have good virtual reality glasses. There are a whole VR headset on the market, but did you know that every VR headset has its own 'unique selling point'? Take our blog Buying a VR Headset: what should you pay attention to? take a look to see which VR headset suits you best.

1. Gorilla Tag

The undisputed number 1 of the most popular VR multiplayer games right now is Gorilla Tag. This game was developed by 1 person, but turns out to be a huge hit. It's a combination of tag and free-running - with the added benefit of being able to play it all in VR!

The graphics of the game don't look spectacular, but the gameplay is all the better. Gorilla Tag also contains elements of VRChat. You can go about your business extensively by playing fanatic tag, but you can just as well have a nice chat with someone without moving too much.

Download Gorilla Tag here.

2. STRIDE Multiplayer

Number 2 on this list is STRIDE Multiplayer. STRIDE is a VR freerunning game where you have to complete a course as fast as possible. Unique to the gameplay of STRIDE is that the game has a very good 'flow'. It just feels really good when you complete a parkour in a perfect way.

In STRIDE Multiplayer, the same principle of taking a course applies, with the main difference that you can do this in competition with others. So you no longer only race against yourself, but you can compete with your friends!

Download STRIDE Multiplayer here.

3. Blaston

At number 3 on this list we find Blaston. Blaston is very popular right now because of its simple principle: a 1-on-1 shootout where you have to dodge bullets and try to hit the others. The game can be played both single player and multiplayer. Play against strangers or against friends: Blaston feels like some kind of workout that is also fun to do!

Download Blaston here.


Those familiar with VR probably also know POPULATION: ONE. This game is also compared to the GTA of Virtual Reality. Together with your squad you 'hunt' other players and try to win.

The great thing about POPULATION: ONE is that you can just play the game with friends. Being on a team together really feels like you're being sucked into the world and you're doing your best to go home with the win.

Download POPULATION: ONE here.

5. Pavlov VR

Already a somewhat older game, but no less good: Pavlov VR is the founder of multiplayer FPS VR games. Pavlov can be compared to the popular game Counter-Strike. In Pavlov you and your team compete to eliminate the other team. You can start in a random match, but it is of course much more fun to just do this with your friends!

Download Pavlov VR here.

6. Arizona Sunshine

Already a somewhat older game, but no less relevant: Arizona Sunshine is the zombie shooter when it comes to VR multiplayer games. That's not surprising, because the game looks beautiful and works in a very nice way. You can play different missions where you are guided through an 'open-world', but you can also just do a simple zombie wave shooter.

Arizona Sunshine can be played alone, but is even more fun when you play it with friends! Go online (or even local co-op) and try to survive as long as possible!

Download Arizona Sunshine here.

7. The Forest

In The Forest you are a lone survivor of a plane crash. You crash in the middle of the forest and have to try to survive as long as possible. You do this by making things, exploring and, in some cases, fighting to survive.

You don't have to be scared to play The Forest. The game is a 'first person horror survival game', so playing it with a VR headset is extra scary. Fortunately, you can also just play it online with friends, so that makes it a lot less scary!

Download The Forest here.

8. Star Wars: Squadrons

This is every Star Wars fan's dream: in Squadrons you get to work as a starfighter pilot and take a seat in an X-wing or TIE-fighter plane. Together with your mates (squadron) you go to war in the universe!

Star Wars: Squadrons is a single player game. but also online with or against each other. Invite your friends and go on the most epic battle ever!

Download Star Wars: Squadrons here.

8. Raw Data

Raw Data combines a neo-sci fi world with robots and ninjas. This sounds nice; And that is it. The game is set in a surreal world where you get to fight against robots and other monsters. Do this alone or with your friends.

Fast gameplay, a good story and above all very cool graphics. That's what makes Raw Data a really cool game to play with your friends.

Download Raw Data here.

9. Ragnarock

After all the shooting violence of the above games, it's time for a more light-hearted game. In Ragnarock, you and your friends can control a Viking ship based on music and rhythm. Nice graphics in combination with music and funny bits make this game a very nice experience.

Download Ragnarock here.

10. Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a rhythm-based game in which you, together or alone, have to hit the right size of cubes. This game is reminiscent of Beat Saber, but focuses even more on the fitness aspect of it. For example, it is possible to link your heart rate to the game, so that it keeps track of exactly how much you move and how many calories you burn while playing.

Play Synth Riders alone or with friends. You can do both!

Download Synth Riders here.

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