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Is bhaptics the future of VR Gaming?

bhaptics is one of the most innovative and leading companies in haptic feedback. The TactSuit is a vest with 40 individual feedback points; 20 at the front and 20 at the back of the suit. At the back of the vest is a battery that lasts about 10 hours per play session. The battery can be recharged quickly and easily via a USC-C cable. The TactSuit can be connected to a laptop, PC, tablet or telephone via a bluetooth connection. This bluetooth connection ensures that you can play games carefree and with a complete wireless connection!

How Does The TactSuit Feel?

With the TactSuit, players can feel the game's vibrations, movements and sound effects as if it were really there. There are two different modes that a player can use. In the first mode, the feedback works based on the 7.1 surround sound in a game or movie. Je kunt de intensiteit van de feedback eenvoudig aanpassen en zelf kiezen om effecten zoals voetstappen of je eigen geweerschoten eruit te filteren. 

De tweede manier waarop het TactSuit met haptische feedback werkt, is via native game-ondersteuning. bhaptics, in collaboration with selected developers, has standard out-of-the-box support for TactSuit's haptic feedback. When you start the game, you will see that the software of bhaptics also starts immediately. A good example of this game is Sairento VR. At the moment bhaptics has a collaboration with 12 different VR games. A complete overview of native-supported bhaptics games can be found in this overview

Parts Of The TactSuit

The TactSuit consists of a few different parts. The most eye-catching element is the haptic vest, but two arm pieces, a haptic face mask for the headset, and shoes and gloves with haptic feedback are also available. Combineer alle elementen voor een volledige haptische TactSuit-ervaring. 

The products of bhaptics come out best when you play a first-person shooter game. The haptic feedback in your arms ensures that you feel the feeling of shooting by vibrating in your arms and body. Dit voegt echt een hele nieuwe dimensie toe aan de VR game-ervaring en is iets dat iedere VR-fanatiekeling mee moet maken. 

TactSuit For Music Lovers

The TactSuit from bhaptics isn't just for gamers. Music lovers can also enjoy the haptic feedback a lot. Door de Audio To Haptics on the TactSuit you feel all the vibrations to the beat of the music. Stel zelf de intensiteit van de feedback in een ga nog meer in op het ritme van de muziek. 

bhaptics has a number of different additions to make the experience as complete as possible. At the moment, within Europe, only the haptic vest, the face mask and the arm sleeves can be ordered exclusively from Unbound VR. Om de ervaring zo compleet mogelijk te maken raden wij dan ook aan om het gehele pakket te gebruiken. 


Compared to other well-known and larger brands, bhaptics has a relatively small line-up. But the products they offer are of high quality and clearly show what virtual reality is capable of in 2020. Wellicht zal de consumenten-markt nog even moeten wachten totdat er meer games compatibel zijn met de haptische feedback, maar voor professionele en zakelijke VR-gebruikers zijn de producten van bhaptics zeker weten een hele leuke toevoeging aan het huidige assortiment! 

bHaptics Sairento

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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