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Educational VR games and applications for schools and education

Today, virtual reality is more accessible than ever. You only need VR glasses (already available from €19.95) and you can immediately - often even for free - get started with showing educational Virtual Reality applications!

Smartphone VR glasses

It is important to know that there is a difference in the type or virtual reality glasses that you use. For example, the cheaper virtual reality glasses are often glasses in which you have to slide a smartphone. These glasses are called "Smartphone VR glasses". This is a nice first step into the virtual world, but leave for the real wów feeling still to be desired. Mobile VR glasses are very suitable for showing simple virtual reality videos, for example. For example, you can easily display 360-degree videos on YouTube on a smartphone. A nice example or this is the youtube video 'surrounded by lions'. Another option that you have when using mobile VR glasses is that you can make and play a 360 degree video yourself. Use a special 360 degree camera and play this video on your smartphone while it is in the VR glasses.

Standalone VR glasses

Still looking for a more real virtual reality experience? Then you will soon end up with standalone VR glasses. These glasses are already more like the VR glasses that people have in mind when they think or Virtual Reality. Standalone glasses are VR glasses in which the processor is located in the glasses themselves. Where you have to slide a smartphone into the glasses with mobile VR glasses, this is not necessary with standalone VR glasses. The big advantage or these glasses is that you don't need an (expensive) computer to experience a nice virtual reality experience. A lot or applications have already been developed that are well suited for this type or headset! A nice example or this is the VR application 'Anne Frank House VR'. In this app you go back to 1942 - the period when Anne Frank went into hiding in the former Anne Frank House. Dit is een award-winning educatieve VR-applicatie die zeer goed laat zien waar virtual reality toe in staat is and hoe het ingezet kan worden voor educatieve doeleinden. 

Still looking for an even graphically better experience? Then the Oculus Quest is the right headset for educational use. The difference between the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go is mainly in the graphical power that the VR glasses can deliver. Where the Oculus Go is particularly suitable for playing simple VR applications and videos, we can recommend the Oculus Quest if you want to focus your lesson more on gaming or on the other hand graphic content (such as developing VR yourself applications). With the Oculus Quest you can also physically walk around in space. A nice example or this is the VR application 'Apollo 11'. In this game you experience the first NASA flight and moon landing from the perspective or an astronaut. An application like this is more suitable for the Oculus Quest VR goggles than for the Oculus Go, because firstly, the Oculus Quest has touch controllers that allow you to interact with the virtual space. And second, because the Oculus Quest can deliver more graphical power, making the game a lot better looking and smoother.

Active VR glasses

With active VR glasses you are talking about virtual reality glasses that you connect to a computer. These glasses use the graphics card or the computer, which means that much more graphic power can be delivered. This results in a much sharper image display compared to mobile or standalone VR glasses. The right choice or active VR glasses depends on the things you want to do with them. For example, are you looking for VR glasses that you can put on just as easily and on which you can basically play virtual reality applications and games? Then the Oculus Rift S, for example, is a good option. But are you looking for something more professional and do you also want to be able to develop and play your own applications on the headset? Then we recommend the HTC Vive Pro.

The choice or VR glasses has not only to do with the quality or the glasses, but also with a number or other peripheral matters and conditions. The HTC Vive Pro, for example, are VR glasses that are ideal for professional users. This has to do with the fact that these glasses have been developed for the professional and commercial market. The tracking finds using external sensors. This has the advantage that the tracking is a lot more reliable than when no external sensors are used. In addition, HTC uses a separate arrangement with regard to business VR users. When purchasing HTC Vive Pro VR glasses or complete set, you must immediately be in possession or an Advantage Service. With this service you can take advantage or a faster repair/warranty service if one or the HTC products unexpectedly breaks down during business use.

With regard to VR applications and games, the games are somewhat more extensive compared to smartphones and standalone VR glasses. Because the graphical power or the glasses is higher, the applications become a lot nicer and often more extensive. For example, a nice VR application for the HTC Vive is 'The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell'. In deze applicatie ga je letterlijk op reis in het menselijk lichaam and ontdek je gaandeweg welke onderdelen zich in het lichaam bevinden, op welke locatie ze zitten and ook hoe het er precies uitziet. 

Recommended educational VR applications and games

1. The VR Museum or Fine Art

If you've been training all day to be a space pirate and build fantastic structures, the Museum is your ticket to a well-deserved break. Surround yourself with 1:1 scale sculptures and paintings and we won't tell anyone if you touch the merchandise! No rope barriers or glass walls here. Feel free to explore the artworks as you wish. With Roomscale VR you can walk around, hide and even hug the life-sized figures.

Download The VR Museum or Fine Art for Steam here (free).

2.1943 Berlin Blitz

In September 1943, a BBC reporter boarded a plane during an Allied bombing raid on Berlin. The incredible recording he returned with is the basis or this breathtaking experience from BBC Northern Ireland and Immersive VR Education, which puts you inside a Lancaster bomber as it embarks on a most perilous journey.

Download 1943 Berlin Blitz for Steam or Oculus here (free).

3. InMind VR

InMind is a short science adventure with arcade elements designed for the Oculus VR. This first demo allows the player to experience the journey in the patient's brain in search or the neurons that cause a mental disorder. Dive into the micro world and experience the wonders or the human mind.

Download InMind VR for Steam or Android here (free).

4. Mondly: Learn Languages

Experience the most advanced way to learn languages from the comfort or your home. Mondly VR is a perfect complement to Mondly's premier language learning app, allowing you to practice everything you learn. Our virtual characters show you how much fun learning can be! You'll get instant feedback on your pronunciation, suggestions that enrich your vocabulary, and surprises that transform language learning with Mondly VR into a unique experience. Take part in realistic dialogues inspired by authentic events: make friends on the train to Berlin, order dinner in a Spanish restaurant, check in at a hotel in Paris. Build your fluency in 30 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and more.

Download Mondly: Learn Languages for Steam, Oculus or Android hier (€3,89 - €6,59).

5. Nefertari: Journey to Eternity

In Egypt's fabled Valley or the Queens lies the tomb or Queen Nefertari, one or the modern world's most detailed windows into the ancient Egyptians' journey to the afterlife. Now the latest technology has made it possible to digitally scan Nerfertari's grave with millimeter accuracy. Step into the legendary tomb for the first time and immerse yourself in the story or the art, history, construction and mythology through interactive elements.

Download Nefertari: Journey to Eternity for Steam and Oculus here (free).

6. VirtualSpeech

The VirtualSpeech app helps improve your soft skills by practicing in realistic VR scenarios. The training spaces include public speaking, sales pitches, networking, business storytelling and media training. Door met VirtualSpeech te oefenen kunnen studenten or leerlingen op een leuke and toegankelijke wijze oefenen met spreken in het openbaar. 

Download VirtualSpeech for Oculus and Android here (free).

7. Sky VR: Hold the World

Sky's virtual reality experience, Hold the World, offers the unique opportunity or a one-on-one audience with Sir David Attenborough. The groundbreaking interactive experience takes you from the comfort or your home to the Natural History Museum in London, where you can acquire rare specimens from its world-famous collection as you go behind the scenes to explore areas usually off-limits to the public.

Download Sky VR: Hold the World for Oculus here (€3.99).

8. Human Anatomy VR

Human anatomy is an essential part or medicine. This app represents a unique approach to learning general anatomy. Excellent graphics, informative content, and innovative features make for an educational and engaging experience. The user works in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Download Human Anatomy VR for Android here (free).

9. Google Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brushstrokes, stars, light and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Download Google Tilt Brush for Steam and Oculus here (€19.99).

10. Unimersiv

Unimersiv is the largest platform for educational VR experiences. By downloading the app, you get access to multiple VR experiences that allow you to learn more about history, space or the human anatomy. With the wide choice or educational VR applications, Unimersiv is a very good app for educational purposes.

Download Unimersiv for Oculus here (free).


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