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Purchase orders

Pay by PO / Purchase order

It is possible for our business customers to place a Purchase order with us. Placing a Purchase order (PO) can be done in two different ways. On this page you can read which ways these are and what your company must meet in order to be able to place a Purchase order immediately. Government agencies, such as (high) schools, research centers and hospitals are always allowed to pay us by invoice. Are you a company with which we have not done business before? Then we may first ask you to pay the proforma invoice before we proceed to deliver the items.

Purchase order place

Via the regular ordering process

First of all, after shopping in our webshop, during Checkout you can choose "payment on account with a purchase number PO)". This purchase number is then added to the invoice, so that your administration department knows which payment is involved. To order on account you must have an account at Unbound VR and be logged in. If you are not a (semi) government organization or have previously ordered on account, we may ask you to pay the invoice before delivery.

Purchase order or email order form

It is also possible to send us your own Purchase order form or document directly. You can do this by mailing the Purchase order to: sales@unboundvr.eu.

After receipt of the PO, the order will be processed in our system, of which you will receive a confirmation. The invoice will be drawn up after delivery and sent by e-mail.

Pay attention! Always supply your order form / Purchase order with the following information:

  • Name and address details for both the billing and shipping address;
  • E-invoicing email address (if applicable);
  • PO / reference number.

Pay afterwards by invoice

For some companies and organizations we offer the option to pay by invoice afterwards. Companies known to us can usually pay for the order afterwards without any problems (and up to a certain amount). However, it may be that we first ask you for a prepayment of our proforma invoice before we can deliver the ordered products for you.

Pay attention! If you choose to pay afterwards by invoice, your order may take longer to be delivered. Do you need products immediately? Then we advise you to choose a direct payment method, such as iDEAL, PayPal or credit card.

Have you not received our (proforma) invoice or has it been lost?

If you no longer have our invoice, you can request it again by sending an e-mail to: service@unboundvr.eu. We will then quickly provide you with the invoice for your placed order.

Financial data Unbound VR

  • Chamber of Commerce number: 74112406
  • VAT number: NL 859776761B01
  • Bank account number: NL25INGB0007638708
  • For International payments: ING Bank NV Foreign Operations PO Box 1800 1000 BV Amsterdam BIC: INGBNL2A

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a company, can I pay afterwards by invoice?

    If you have not previously placed an order with us, we will ask for an payment in advance before we deliver the products to you. Therefore, after placing your order, you will receive a proforma invoice from us on which our payment details are stated. We would like to ask you to pay this in advance to the order.

  • As a school, university or other (government) organization, can I pay afterwards by invoice?

    We always offer the option to pay afterwards for schools, universities and other (semi-government) organizations. We would like to receive an order form with the order assignment. Based on this order form, we prepare our invoice and ship the products. You then have 30 days to pay the invoice.

  • I have placed an order with payment afterwards, but my order has not yet been delivered. How is this possible?

    Have you placed an order as a company? Then it may be that your order is still on the status "waiting for payment". In that case, you will have received a proforma invoice from us with our payment details. We would like to ask you to pay this proforma invoice before we proceed to deliver the products. Did you not receive the proforma invoice? Then you can send a request to: service@unboundvr.eu

  • I would like to order via a purchase order / purchase order. Where can I send this to?

    Order forms can be sent to: service@unboundvr.eu. Do not forget to mention your e-invoicing address and Purchase order number. In this way we can send a copy of the invoice in PDF directly to the correct department. After we have received and processed your order form, you will always receive a confirmation by e-mail.

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