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On the back of each headset is an easy-to-read LED indicator that can quickly and clearly show the remaining charge level on each device. This makes it easier for teams integrating VR into their daily schedule to plan each rotation quickly and on the fly. The people who supervise each VR session can also immediately see if new batteries need to be replaced when working with the people in their VR session.

Vive Focus 3 batteries can be removed and replaced very quickly. The benefits of a standalone VR device can be maintained throughout a working day. The Focus 3 is already designed for continuous use during long sessions, with each full charge lasting up to two hours. But thanks to the Focus 3's easily removable and interchangeable battery packs, it's extremely easy to keep any Focus 3 headset going wirelessly for an entire day. Each battery pack can also be charged independently of the headset and can be quickly filled to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Each battery pack is cleverly curved to fit the natural shape of the user's head, to maintain balance while riding and a comfortable form factor. We placed this battery pack at the back of the helmet so that the Vive Focus 3 has a 50-50 weight distribution from front to back. This balance may seem like a small detail, but this small detail actually has a profound impact on the VR experience, especially in a business environment. This balance significantly improves the stability of the headset, even during intense movements, and therefore significantly reduces VR fatigue.

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  • 1 x Swappable Battery for HTC Vive Focus 3

Additional Information

Article number 99H12238-00
EAN 4718487719495
Brand HTC
Name Swappable Battery for HTC Vive Focus 3
Weight 0.1000
Battery 30W (~2 hours)
Suitable for headset type HTC Vive Focus 3
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  • VIVE Focus 3 Battery
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