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Virtual Reality (VR) Advice and explanation

What exactly is virtual reality? And what does the future of VR look like? Read it in our VR Blog about virtual reality & advice.

Virtual Reality (VR) is, as the name suggests, a virtual world. By means of two screens in front of your eyes, VR software creates a 3D image that makes you feel like you are in a digital world. But unlike a 'normal' digital world, you really put yourself in the world. So you are in the middle of the action!

What is a VR headset?

When selecting a VR headset, you can choose a passive or an active headset. With a passive headset you use your own telephone. You slide your phone into the headset, so that the screen is in front of your eyes. Then you play an app or video on your phone, of which two small videos are made. Both the small videos are then played before your eyes, giving you a 3D effect. You use a processor with an active VR headset. As a result, the power of the VR headset is delivered from the glasses themselves (or a linked PC), so that much more is possible with the VR headset. You can simulate entire VR worlds with an active headset, or play the most extensive VR games.

How can VR headsets be used?

The first Consumers VR headsets were mainly used for gaming. The experience that you are in a virtual world, and that you are really the player; that's where VR got its strength from. But now VR has developed so far that it can also be used for a lot of other things. Many companies are already using VR. For example, there are companies that use VR to train their personnel in a virtual world (eg Walmart personnel), or to simulate an emergency (eg flight attendants who have to practice an emergency landing). But hospitals and nursing homes also make full use of virtual reality.

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What can we expect in the future?

Virtual reality is constantly evolving, so we wouldn't be surprised if there would be full VR ventures or VR lifestyles in a few years. Another interesting development - part of VR - is the use of Augmented Reality (AR). This technique is still relatively new, but it is already being used by companies. With AR you can make the combination between the real world and the virtual world, making it a perfect accessory in the field of work. There will be many changes in the coming years, but VR and AR will only get better and more accessible!

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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