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Feel the experience with bHaptics!

Anyone who's the movie 'Ready Player OneSteven Spielberg has seen dreams of a virtual reality suit that completely immerses you in the virtual world. Because how great is it if you don't just see virtual reality; but also feels ?! With the haptic feedback grab from bhaptics this becomes reality. Pull yourself into the haptic vest, the TactSuit, and voel de impact die je hebt in een VR-game! Geweerschoten, explosies of een lichte bries... Door zelf de intensiteit van feedback in te stellen kun je op een hele leuke manier een extra dimensie toevoegen aan je VR-ervaring. 

What is a haptic suit?

Een haptisch pak, ofwel haptic suit, is a wearable suit or vest that allows you to feel the impact of movements in virtual reality. Because there are a lot of individual sensors throughout the suit, you can often feel a haptic feedback in the form of a vibration in very specific places. You can feel this feedback, for example, when you are being shot at in a VR game, or when an explosion occurs. Met deze feedback wordt de speel-ervaring and immersie voor de speler verhoogd, omdat je niet alleen meer de virtual reality ziet; maar ook de virtual reality voelt. 

What products does bHaptics have?

bhaptics is one of the most progressive haptic developers at the moment. With the TactSuit they now have a vest with 40 individual sensors, a face cushion and arm sleeves with 6 sensors (each), and gloves and shoes with 3 sensors each. The more parts of the TactSut you put on, the better the overall experience. But the beauty of the TactSuit is that it is not necessary to put on the entire suit. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld ook prima alleen het vest gebruiken voor haptische feedback!  

bHaptics with VR

TACTOT Haptic Vest

The Haptic Vest is the first and most comprehensive haptic feedback product from bhaptics. The placement of 40 individual sensors on the front and back of the vest allows you to feel exactly where you are being hit in a VR game. Not only a very nice sensation, but also quite handy! For example, in a shooter game you feel that you are hit from behind and you can quickly turn in the direction of the enemy. The haptic vest has a universal fit, which means that it is suitable for both young and old, man and woman. The vest works with two Velcro straps that you attach to the user's back. When a player puts on the vest, the Velcro straps should be completely loose. This makes the vest easy to fasten with the zipper. The Velcro straps on the side of the vest can then be pulled, so that the haptic feedback is properly experienced by the player.

View the TACTOT Haptic Vest here.

TACTAL Haptic Face Pillow for HMD

The face pad of bhaptics makes it possible to feel haptic feedback on the face. The face pad contains 6 sensors that can provide haptic feedback at different strengths. Fortunately, the intensity can also be adjusted, so that not every feedback feels like a headshot. Zo is het bijvoorbeeld mogelijk om een koel briesje op het gezicht te voelen door de feedback zachtjes aan te zetten. 

The Tactal face pad is available in two sizes: standard and wide. The standard model is suitable for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Odyssey and Oculus Quest. The wide version is suitable for HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Focus and Focus Plus and all Pimax VR glasses. The face pad is easy to place on the headset with the help of Velcro.

View the TACTAL Haptic Face Pillow here.

TACTOSY Haptic Accessories

To complete the set, there is also the option to add the Tactosy accessories to the vest and face pad. The accessories consist of two pieces of arm sleeves, two pieces of gloves and two pieces of shoes. All accessories can be linked to a computer or headset via a bluetooth connection. For the gloves and shoes it is necessary to add HTC Vive Trackers 2.0. These trackers ensure that hands and feet can be used in the games. For example, you can play a VR game where you are the goalkeeper of a football team. When you stop the ball with your hands, you feel the sensors on your hand vibrate. With the arm-sleeves the extra HTC Vive Trackers are not needed.

View the TACTOSY Arm Sleeves here.

How do bHaptics products work?

bhaptics distinguishes itself from competing haptic solution by its ease of use. The bHaptics devices are not paired 1-on-1 with a VR game or headset, but connect via a bluetooth device. If the computer has bluetooth, the bhaptics products are easy to connect, but if the computer does not have bluetooth, you can always make a mobile bluetooth spot with the supplied bluetooth dongle. You can connect a maximum of 5 bHaptics devices to one bluetooth dongle. This means that you can connect one full set of bHaptics devices per computer. The advantage of a bluetooth connection is that there is little to no interference or latency when you use multiple bhaptics products in a room. The products of bhaptics are therefore extremely suitable for use in professional and business environments, such as in a VR arcade.

After purchasing bhaptics, you will need to download and install the supplied software. This software, bhaptics Player, allows the devices to be connected via bluetooth. For developers it is possible to download an SDK or bhaptics software (bhaptics Designer). This software makes it possible to draw and save your own haptic feedback patterns! This especially gives a unique experience when you add your own feedback patterns to a virtual reality film.

What is audio to haptics?

Het is met het haptische vest van bhaptics zelfs mogelijk om audio-input naar haptische feedback om te zetten. Deze zogenaamde audio-to-haptics solution thus offers the possibility to convert any VR game or movie (with sound) to haptic feedback! This makes it possible to experience VR games without native support, such as Beat Saber, with haptic feedback.

The audio haptic feedback can also be a nice addition to the experience for musicians, producers or just music lovers. Because of the extra stimulation of the feedback, you are more involved in the music, which significantly improves the work-flow of producers and musicians. In addition, it is also very nice to put the vest on someone and let them "feel" your music for the first time. Tip: To do this, connect noise-canceling headphones to the audio output, so that the user becomes completely immersed in the music.

bHaptics Lifestyle

Which games work with bHaptics?

bhaptics biedt native-support voor de volgende spellen: Sairento VR (Steam/Oculus), Thrill of The Fight (Steam/Oculus), Space Block Buster (Steam), Space Junkies (Oculus), Snow Fortress (Steam and Oculus) , Furious Seas (Steam), VRZ: Torment (Steam), Hell Breakers (Steam) & Tsun-Tsun VR (Steam). Native support means that bhaptics's devices are usable out-of-the-box with the mentioned games. With the bhaptics software (bhaptics Player) you connect the devices to your computer, and when the products are turned on, they automatically connect to the games.

There are also some games that don't offer native support, but that bhaptics is compatible with. In this case, the devices use the Audio-To-Haptics technique. This makes it possible to play popular games such as Beat Saber and Pistol Whip as well. Belangrijk is wel dat er een audio-output op de games aanwezig is, zodat de haptische feedback exact weet op welke plek and welke intensiteit het feedback moet geven. 

Het is ook goed mogelijk om zelf aan de gang te gaan met de haptische feedback. Dit is bijvoorbeeld erg gaaf wanneer je een VR-film of -ervaring aan het maken bent. Met de bijgeleverde software bhaptics Designer you can draw a haptic-feedback pattern and play this pattern at a specific moment. This way of feedback editing is done in the same way as adding subtitles to a movie; slide the feedback pattern under the (VR) film and you will experience haptic feedback at the right moment. Very cool to do this, for example, during a VR movie with dinosaurs! As a large dinosaur approaches you and comes closer, you feel the vest vibrating harder and harder...

Order the products of bhaptics?

Got excited about the future of virtual reality and haptic feedback? Then don't wait any longer and order your bhaptics today! UnboundVR is the European distributor of bHaptics! We can therefore always provide you with the best service and the right advice.

View the complete bhaptics TactSuit here.

Need advice? Then we are happy to help you. You can contact our customer service by sending an email to: klantenservice@unboundvr.nl. We also have the products of bhaptics available as a demonstration, so if you would like to test the products; we can do that!*

* A demonstration is only by appointment and for our business customers. Consumers kunnen helaas geen gebruik maken van de mogelijkheid tot demonstratie. 

Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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