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Vuzix Use Cases & Best Practices

Practical examples of the Vuzix glasses

Vuzix smart glasses are seen as the gold standard when it comes to remote assist applications. Due to the small size and light weight, the glasses are easy to implement during the daily work within a company or organization.

The popular Vuzix models at the moment are:

In this blog we give a number of examples of how (including our) customers use the Vuzix glasses. Want to know more about this? Please Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Vuzix Blade Use Case: Police

Vuzix has conducted research in collaboration with the Dutch police (and the University of Leiden and Twente) to see how the Vuzix Blade can be used in practical situations. Both horse and foot police were sent heads-up hands-free route information for unfamiliar areas via the goggles, as well as additional Information, including, for example, reports of crimes, Chase of suspects and tricky locations.

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Vuzix M400 Use Cases: Advice on home care wound care

Home care workers use the Vuzix M4000 to stream actions during wound care at home to one or more specialized colleagues. This allows these colleagues to watch from a distance, assess the wound and, where necessary, give advice on care. A major advantage of the smart glasses compared to a tablet is that the employee has his hands free to perform actions immediately. The smart glasses are also used in the supervision of nurses in training. They perform medical procedures while their trainer watches from a different location.

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Vuzix M4000 Use Cases: Audit on construction site via drone

The Vuzix M4000 smart glass was recently used to successfully inspect a workplace via a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. The combined technology was used to access hard-to-reach areas and provide the end customers with a different perspective on the study area, including the inspection of cranes, elevated facilities and various machines.

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Vuzix glasses are particularly suitable for use during work applications where remote assist is important. The advantage of the Vuzix glasses is that standard software is usually already available for them. This way, companies with relatively little experience in AR/remote assist can still use the applications in an easy way.

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Diederik Hermsen- XR Product Specialist

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