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VR Render Workstations

VR Render Workstations (7 Results)

GPU and VR Rendering

We believe that computers should be an enjoyable experience both to purchase and to use. They must do the work for which they were purchased and not interfere with business operations. To achieve this, the correct hardware must be selected for the tasks of the render PC. We see it as our mission to test and validate the most popular applications on our hardware to ensure that the software runs smoothly and the hardware is perfectly tuned to ensure optimal performance.

Due to the many questions that come in every week, we realize that specialist Information is not easily available or simply not available. For this reason, we are happy to provide our customers with personal advice based on the specific wishes and requirements of the render systems.

We put together custom render workstations

We cooperate with our customers in the following way. First of all, we configure a system based on the Information provided by you. We present this system to you together with any variations. After your choice, we get to work and your VR render machine will be personally delivered by us in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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OTOY OctaneRender

OctaneRender is the world's first and fastest GPU-accelerated, flawless, physically correct renderer. This means that Octane makes optimal use of the graphics card to render photorealistic images super fast.

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Taking advantage of the computing performance and efficiency of the GPU, Redshift speeds up rendering significantly, resulting in faster iteration and much lower costs. Tailored to support creative individuals and studios of all sizes, Redshift offers a range of powerful features and integrates with standard CG applications.

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From architecture and design to visual effects in film and games, V-Ray is the most widely used rendering solution in the world. V-Ray has helped developers and designers visualize their work for over 20 years, pushing the boundaries of video, animation and virtual reality.

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